Oli del Mas


The olive mill Vicente Dellá e Hijos, SL with its olive oil brand "Oli del Mas", is an oil-crusher with a familiar origin and tradition whose origins date from 1727. It is located in Traiguera, in the area of Baix Maestrat, where olive trees is the chief crop. In this area of the 'Comunidad Valenciana', an excellent virgin and top quality olive oil is produced, because of the variety of the autochthon olive trees in the place, the climate and the great work of our people in the olives harvest and crushing. As a result, it is obtained a delicious and tasty juice on the palate.

The Virgin Olive Oil "Oli del Mas" is 100 % fresh without treatments or refinements. It's a fruit juice obtained from the best fresh olives coming from our olive trees in its ideal moment of ripening; therefore, it preserves all its properties and vitamins.

"Oli del Mas" is a semi-sweet virgin olive oil with a nutty flavour and a thick texture, which is not bitter and is smooth for your throat when you consume it.

In addition to our Virgin Olive Oil, which is the mixture of several types of olives, we also have the Millennial Olive Oil 'Oli del Mas". The Millennial Olive Oil is made from alberquina and farga varieties, olive types autochthon of our area which grow in millennial olive trees.

The Virgin Olive Oil "Oli del Mas" is extraordinary for human consumption because it favours the reduction of cholesterol and prevents cardiovascular diseases as well as carcinogenic ones. It is also an excellent natural antioxidant. The Virgin Olive Oil is synonymous with health: it is digestive and nutritious, so it is a fundamental element in the Mediterranean diet.